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Our family has a rich past and our future seems to be as bright as ever. See who else is connected today.

Did you know there is a Yamdagni Ashram in Jaunpur ?    

A Family Letter

This is the homepage for the Yamdagni Family. The purpose of the website is to enable our extended family  to communicate with each other. With this internet world advancing so much we would be able to communicate with each other, have a permanent email address, be able to share our emails and share our special times with all the family members.

I would like to dedicate this website to my father and my mother and hope that for generations this website would act as a reminder to the great heritage that our family has acquired.

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In there are any comments or suggestions please drop me a line or two. In case you are a "Yamdagni" and would like to set up your "free lifetime email address", please send an email to me at surendra@yamdagni.com .

Best of Luck & God Bless

Surendra Kumar Yamdagni

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